Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Women of the Tour de Francis Stage 2 (May 2008)

Did we say this course was pretty, with great scenery?

Among the many reasons, is the presence of women cyclists.

(Above photo: OK, guilty, I shamelessly put this gratuitous and totally unnecessary photo. Credits: pezcycling.com's "Daily Distractions")

Road cycling seems to be a male-dominated activity. Having women on the course is a treat to the organizers and other riders.

(Photo: Regina and beau Gerald)

The boys like having them around, simple as that.

I don't know if you notice, but the boys get protective of the women cyclists. It's a primal instinct.

(Photo: Maria at Mile 20)

The TDF does not have the budget for "Porta-Potties" along the course.

Not having them is an inconvenience and disadvantage for the women (whether volunteers or riders). (The boys just do their business anytime anywhere.)

(Photo: That's me holding the door, and my breath, at the L.A. River Ride 2005)

But despite having to "rough it out", the women come to the TDF anyway. The boys are grateful.

Here are the WOMEN OF THE TDF. Six women. They all completed the entire course. Props to them.

Adobo's very own Rosalie (bib# 122) wearing the Hammer kit was all smiles from beginning to end. What else would you expect from this whirlpool of energy.

Cathy (bib # 89) wearing the knickers is not new to TDF. I think I remember her at the Big Bear and Castaic rides. She finished very strong, beating riders younger than her. Wow. She puts on the pressure.

Desi (bib # 108) wearing the MTB knickers and fanny pack is a dedicated mountain biker (and only an occasional roadie). She tagged along with coworker (and co-MTB'ers) Manny Amit and Shawn . We saw her in the last group going up at the last hill at mile # 85. She was spent, but never complained one bit. What a trooper.

Edina (bib # 151) wearing the seafoam green jersey is a student (not sure if college or masters), who was too busy with papers and exams to train properly for a hilly century. She seemed to have a lot on her mind. She did well on this ride anyway. Very admirable example for us all.

Maria (bib # 116) wearing the OC REBEL jersey (or mint green windbreaker) has the light physique of a roadie. She did quite well too.

Mary Elizabeth in the sky-blue Trek is a "frequent flier" on the TDF. She's done a few double-centuries. She'll cuss and rage at Francis's evil genius as she suffers up the hills, but it's all in jest. You can tell she enjoys these epic rides that challenge her limits. When she arrived at the finish all her biker friends from SoCalBikeForum and Adobo gave her a very warm reception at the parking lot. She has a lot of loyal friends in the cycling community. Way to go M.E. !
Mary Elizabeth (more popularly known as "M.E.")

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