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Roster: TDF Stage 2 (5/31/08 Frazier Park)

Here's the Roster. There are some "blanks" because some of the riders did not get to sign the roster sheet at the start ( but they are in the photos. I see bib numbers that are not in the roster). I'm hoping I can complete the roster with the help of readers.

2 mistakes I hope to avoid next time: We lacked a sign-in sheet at the finish line (which would have been neat so we could get riders' times and finish order) because in the chaos I failed to hand off the sheets and clipboards to the lead SAG that went to the finish line. The other mistake was for the freshly-charged batteries on my 2 pocket cameras to RUN OUT OF STEAM on heartbreak hill. So I don't have everyone's photos on that signature hill. Sorry folks. The look on your faces would be priceless.

Many clubs were represented: MMCC, SFVBC, RiverVelo, Sta Clarita, SoCalBikeForums, and of course AdoboVelo. There were 53 riders and 18 volunteers. It takes a village to pull off this thing. Francis and volunteers donated 60 gallons of water (we purposely planned on one gallon per person, whether rider or staffer), 10 large bags of ice, 5 dozen sodas. Francis prepared 5 loaves worth of sandwiches, and lots of crackers, fig Newtons, etc. Rosalie lent her truck. Volunteers donated their time and gasoline (can you say $4.25, ouch). Egay and family drove in at 2:00PM to deliver the hot food for the finish line.

We missed the presence of some favorite riders: the comedians Dennis Evangelista, Jonas "Jojo Mayabang" & Abe "Kumander Agimat". Then of course our "role models " Mang El, Efren, Ramon, and Roy "Tisoy Viznok" Adeva. Don't forget the steady Kuya Abe. The reliable Albert and Dong. Climber Jesse A (and his wife Juliet who usually SAGs w/a videocam). And so on. We hope to see you next time. Hibernation is over. It's summer time.

One of our fave riders from another club, who gave us a thrilling show in December TDF, Keith Brodsky (SFVBC), wearing a red Barloworld kit this time, was seen pacing riders up heartbreak hill (he would pace a rider up, then go down and repeat with another rider). What a talented rider. (Mang El would be doing that too if he could come, but he was busy at work.)

Three riders did only part of the route. Cheers for their efforts: Jun Grape (the dad of "Pid" Grape) fell behind at the start, so Ricky convinced him to SAG the ride instead; He got in the truck at mile 12. Mike O'Connell had back problems and wisely took a lift at lunch. Lito (Mr Hibernation) Aralar, one of our strongest climbers, had been in hibernation for so long; He was very valiant on this ride: At mile 60, before the lunch stop, he wanted to ride the car; I said lunch is just around the corner, and just right then Rosalie's group rolled by, and Lito followed their wheel and did get to the lunch stop on his own. He took a ride at lunch. (Photo: Lito Aralar, head hanging, and on the verge of abandoning at Mile 60, instead decided to hang onto Louie Rivera's wheel in these rollers 4 miles before the lunch stop. Rosalie Kneebone was pacing in front.)

Tour de Francis Roster, May 31, 2008,
Frazier Park, California
100 miles, 8_500 feet of climbing
Organized by: Francis Marlon Ignacio (Tour Director) and AdoboVelo

# Last Name First Name Age Club Bib #
1 Nepumoceno Mike 43 MMCC 92
2 Guerrero Jerry 46 MMCC 99
3 Ignacio Reggie 47 MMCC 106
4 Daniel Al 37 MMCC 127
5 Tacloban "Agent Al" 46 MMCC 128
6 Soriano Raffy 36 MMCC 129
7 Phetsany Scott
8 De Leon Bong 47 River Velo 154
9 Robles Jose 45 River Velo 155
10 Brodsky Keith 44 SFVBC 15
11 Thomson Jim 51 SFVBC 31
12 Heinolz Steve 57 SFVBC 80
13 Stramat Cathy 56 SFVBC 89
14 Hallam John 54 SFVBC 90
15 Schuler Bill 60 SFVBC 102
16 Shprung Shai 41 SFVBC 103
18 O'Connel Mike 54 SoCal Bike Forum 133
19 Conrad John 38 SoCal Bike Forum 152
20 Rafferty M.E. 38 SoCal Bike Forum 153
21 Fusezi Edina 31 SoCal Bike Forum 151
22 Doplito Pete 41 SoCal Bike Forum 156
23 Shaker Andy 50
SoCal Bike Forum 125
24 x x
SoCal Bike Forum
25 x x
SoCal Bike Forum
26 x x
SoCal Bike Forum
27 Berdin Glen 38 Sta Clarita Velo 107
28 x Desi

29 Xavier Patrick 41
30 Barrera Thomas 46
31 Campued Victor 49
32 Baden Shawn 42
33 x x

34 Abad Rey 32 AdoboVelo 93
35 Aligue William 38
AdoboVelo 160
36 Amit Manny 49 AdoboVelo 149
37 Aragon Ben 39 AdoboVelo 124
38 Aralar Lito 45 AdoboVelo 131
39 Asuncion Deo 59 AdoboVelo 94
40 Claudio Tim 45 AdoboVelo 146
41 Dones Richard 34 AdoboVelo 148
42 Grape Jun 59 AdoboVelo 13
43 Grape Cupid 34 AdoboVelo 26
44 Ibasco Henry 40 AdoboVelo 159
45 Kneebone Rosalie 38 AdoboVelo 122
46 Morente Ed 44 AdoboVelo 105
47 Navalta Louie 53 AdoboVelo 123
48 Primavera Pete 47 AdoboVelo 126
49 Roldan Ryan 35 Adobovelo
50 Rivera Louie 55 AdoboVelo 100
51 Santamaria Jesse 48 AdoboVelo 147

53 Usi Jun 54 AdoboVelo 104
54 Santiago Manny
55 Messara Allan
AdoboVelo SAG
56 Genato Mandy
AdoboVelo SAG
57 Herrera Ricky
AdoboVelo SAG
58 Dakila Victor
AdoboVelo SAG
59 Rivera Mrs Louie
AdoboVelo SAG
60 Usi Mrs Jun
AdoboVelo SAG
61 Usi Daughter
AdoboVelo SAG
AdoboVelo SAG
63 Pacheco
AdoboVelo SAG
64 Udvarde Imre
AdoboVelo SAG
65 Uyan Egay
AdoboVelo SAG
66 Uyan

AdoboVelo SAG
67 Uyan

AdoboVelo SAG
68 Uyan

AdoboVelo SAG
69 Ignacio Daughter
AdoboVelo SAG
70 Ignacio MJ
AdoboVelo SAG
71 Ignacio Francis
AdoboVelo Tour DS

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